Our Story

Growing up in Canada, snowboarding and skateboarding were a way of life for us. There was something so freeing about expressing yourself through the act of riding. Naturally we had always dreamed of taking this passion to the ocean. There was always a burning desire to try surfing. Finally in 2012 we embarked on our first backpacking trip (to Nicaragua), and that dream came true. It was love from day one!



Over the last 7 years we have been travelling around the world in search of the best beginner/ intermediate waves, combined with amazing cultures and beautiful natural settings. Surfing in these destinations has truly changed our lives and we want to share this passion with you! Our goal is bring together like-minded individuals who share a love for surf and travel to offer them a chance to live an authentic surf life. Through our uniquely designed surf program we strive to greatly progress the development each individual surfer, while learning, growing and sharing experiences as a group. Who knows, maybe this trip will change your life too!